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Level Indicators

Tubular Level Indicators

Tubular Level Indicators

Gauge is fitted between two end blocks through gland packings. The gauge is mounted parallel to tank so as to form a close loop causing tank liquid to seek its level in the gauge. Guards are provided in the form of tie - rods / c-channels around the gauge to protect it from accidental blows. End blocks have built-in isolating valve, drain valve & vent plug.


  • 360o C Visibility with tie - rod guards.
  • Glass removal / replacement possible w/o dismantling of gauge.
  • Offset isolating valves permit cleaning of glass gauge w/o removal.

Standard Specifications

  • Gauge : HW borosilicate Glass 16 / 25mm OD (25mm for Viscous Liquids)
  • End Block MOC : CS / SS 304 / SS 316 / PP / PVDF
  • End Block Type : W / O Valve / Offset NV with or W/O Auto ball Check
  • Guards : CS / SS304 / FRP C- Channels or Tie - Rods
  • Glands MOC : Ci / SS 316 / PP with PVDF insert
  • Packing : PTFE
  • Process Conn. : 3/4" / 1" Flanged (Table D / ANSI 150#) or BSP Screwed
  • Vent / Drain : Plug / Ball valve
  • Calibrated Scale : Polycarbonate (LC=2mm) / SS(LC=10mm)
  • CC Dist. : 3000mm in Single Length, Large CCD's thru Coupler
  • Visibility : CC Dis - 150 mm
  • Maximum Temp : 200oC (Metallic) / 100oC (PVDF) / 70oC (PP)
  • Test Pressure : 10 Kg/cm2 (Metallice) / 2 Kg/Cm2 (at amb temp) (PVDF / PP MOC)

Magnetic Level Indicators

Magnetic Level Indicators

The By-Pass Level Indicator is installed outside of a vessel or tank. The liquid level in the tank can easily be observed from the change of the flag color. Optional devices of magnetic switch and level transducer can be added for electrical signal output and level transmitting.


Fine - Tek's By-Pass indicator utilizes hydrostatic principle to show the liquid level in the tank. Afloat with a magnet inside rises and drops according to the liquid level change. Magnetic flags will flip as float passes through to indicate liquid level based on magnetic attraction method.

Applications & Features

  • Applicable in environment with high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, strong alkaline and hazardous locations. The structure is simple but durable and reliable. It is also available with various options for upgrade.
  • A level transducer or magnetic switch can be installed and adjusted during operation.
  • It is not operated by electricity thus it will not be affected by power failure.
  • Add different color of hag per 10cm that can he recognized easily.

Float & Board Type Level Gauge

Float & Board Type Level Gauge

The Float which is of course the most important elements of the instruments. In fact, its structural design, volume displacement, weight and buoyancy force are all taken into careful consideration when a float is specified fora particular application. Often A typical Float & Board type Level Gauge is consist of a Float, dust proof Pulley Housing, Pointer cradle with nylon and 150 mm width screen printed Aluminum Scale. This instrument is an absolutely reliable and accurate system for liquid level measurement in tall overhead tanks.

Materials Of Construction

Float: Ss316/ P.P./SS with PTFE Coated. Rope: SS 304/ SS 316/ PP / PTFE Coated, Pulley : Aluminum/ Ss316/ PP, Pulley Housing : Aluminum / RP, Telescopic Pipe : MS / SS / PVC, Board : Aluminum/ FRP / Ss316, Flanges : MS / SS / RP., Pointer : MS / SS / FRP Coated MS, Anchor Plate : SS 316, Anchor Housing : MS / SS 316, Fasteners : GI Plated / SS, Bracket : MS / SS.